2202, 2019

Save money by properly maintaining your goalkeeper gloves

Save money by properly maintaining your goalkeeper gloves TIPS AND TRICKS Optimum maintenance of goalkeeper gloves is important for the durability and effectiveness of goalkeeper gloves. The inside (palm) of the goalkeeper glove consists of a foam which is a natural product. The better this foam (in terms of grip), the less long (unfortunately) will last. So you have to decide yourself what your price-grip-durability factor is. If you keep a few simple "rules" that keep the

1402, 2019

Goalkeeper Gloves Cleaning How do you work?

Keep Goalkeeper gloves clean how do you work? STEP BY STEP Without any doubt, the foam is the most important part of your goalkeeper gloves. Made of latex, this layer ensures that the balls can be finely clamped. If you play on artificial grass, the goalkeeper gloves will not get dirty with sand, but of course you have this problem on natural grass. All the sand, mud and other things pull into the foam layer and make the gloves

1701, 2019

How we send your parcel-with love!

How we send your parcel? With love! We are just as enthusiastic as you are about your order! 'We do everything for your package! With much love, care and attention we collect your products and we print or embroider if you want to. So, ready again! We pack everything neatly for you and send it right so you already have it tomorrow! Super convenient. We do this every day with love! ' Ordered before 12 noon

1501, 2019

Printing of keepers gloves and clothing

Printing of keepers gloves and clothing We have professional equipment to virtually personalize the products. Our years of experience in personalizing goalkeeper gloves and clothing ensures that we offer sustainable printing. The goalkeeper gloves are printed with the desired text! Goalkeeper gloves Color: Black or white Font style: Sports EA, Avant Garde, Robo Clone Price: € 6,50 Number on

1301, 2019

What is the best fit for goalkeeper gloves?

Can you not see the trees through the forest? We help you with the advantages and disadvantages of the different fits that are on the market. What is the best fit for goalkeeper gloves? The fit of a goalkeeper gloves is of great importance for goalkeeper gloves. It provides comfort, it determines how the model feels on your hand and gives you of course the confidence you need to grab all the balls. All goalkeeper





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